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Zodiac Facts #2 | Gemini

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  • Gemini: Gemini needs a partner who will be able to tolerate being left alone from time to time. Geminis also like to stay connected to their network of friends, so gemini’s partner might find that many conversations get interrupted by cell phone calls and “urgent” emails that have nothing to do with what’s being discussed.
  • Gemini Lover : A relationship with a gemini is certainly never boring. They want a mentally stimulating partner, who should match them in their zest for life. They love to dazzle with your intelligence and quick wit. Jealousy lovers will find themselves tested by their magnetism. Also they need to be loved and yet need space, and the one person who can give both to them win hands down.
  • Geminis are known for their abilities to make something out of nothing as long as they find the subject interesting.
  • A Gemini can make the most out of any bad situation.
  • A Gemini Career Planet: Neptune
  • A Gemini woman is more likely to tell you to move on and get over it.
  • A Gemini man enjoys adventure and has no troublecausing turmoil; he is aware that he is a player he is quite honest about it.
  • Both Gemini Man and Aquarius woman love change and variety.
  • A Gemini woman and an Aquarius man love adventures. They do not like making plans and sticking to rules and regulations.
  • Exploring how does a Gemini act after love making, you’ll find them interested in discussing the entire discussion in details
  • Despite a Gemini marvelous communication skills, they are good deceivers and know the art of playing with words.
  • Geminis can be heartbreakers and can go full tilt into love and can toss aside people without much thought .
  • Gemini have a high rate of divorce rates than others because of their unstable tendency. o.O
  • When it is about the Gemini it is all about the life to be a party.
  • The scent of lust could incite this elusive lover Gemini to develop a hornier, healthier one-track mind.
  • Distract-able Gemini might not be thinking about sex all the time.
  • A Gemini good qualities are certainly a plus points for them and they don’t have to struggle hard for achieving them!
  • But beware Geminis won’t tolerate any sort of cheating or bad behavior.
  • Gemini are basically flirts so think twice before getting involved into a relationship with them.
  • A Gemini faces innumerable challenges when it comes to their love life.
  • But, in general, a Gemini loves to stay outdoors and prefers outdoor jobs to the indoor ones
  • Gemini’s flourish in the media!
  • The heart as well as soul of a true Gemini is exactly as a child’s
  • Gemini are happy and bright people and can turn out to be remarkable companions you will never feel bored with a Gemini.
  • Geminis are famous for their love for communication.They are witty and know what to speak in front of whom.
  • Perfect Matches For a Gemini : Libra&Aquarius.
  • Do not argue with a Gemini you will never win.
  • Gemini are the one’s to party with they are always looking to have a good time you can count on them to lighten up the party.
  • A Gemini is rather hard to understand, as far as the rest of the world is concerned.
  • With a Gemini tell him what you want to do with him when you finally get him alone ladies.
  • Geminis most of all desire others to show them respect.
  • Gemini become easily bored with a lover once the “new” has worn off.
  • Gemini are incredibly mischievous and enjoy playing games, even with the hearts and minds of others in a relationship.
  • Unfaithful ZodiacSigns : Scorpio, Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius,Pisces, Gemini, and Aries.
  • Love a Gemini and you will receive what you seek.
  • Remember, for the Gemini, sex is 50% talk ! Talk while you make love to each other. Talk about fantasies anything sexually.
  • Gemini: You are incredibly generous when it concerns someone whom you love.
  • Gemini: you are very intelligent and analytical, but on the flip side you may be critical of others.
  • Gemini compatible Signs : Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius.
  • Geminis are very adaptable and Leo’s are very understanding, both of which help to make this romance long lasting.
  • Sagittarius and Gemini relationship is filled with both complimentary and opposing characteristics.
  • This is a difficult relationship as the focused Virgo can is often annoyed by the distracted Gemini.
  • A Libra and Gemini both share a sensitivity and intelligence that will pair them well with balance these two will go far.
  • The relationship between a Leo and Gemini is a highly compatible one as they compliment each other quite well.
  • Scorpio and the Gemini can clash, but mutual interest’s and respect can help to overcome this in the relationship.
  • The match between a Aquarius and Gemini is a marvelous relationship of friendship and love.
  • Gemini positive Qualities:Mental Brilliance, Diplomacy, Vivacity, Enthusiasm, Tact, Cheerfulness, Witty and Versatile.
  • A complimentary relationship exists between the Gemini and the Taurus but it works better in a workplace environment
  • These energetic signs Aries and Gemini join together to make a bold and passionate relationship.
  • A Gemini and Gemini romantic relationships can work. At least for a while.
  • Sagittarius and a Gemini is filled with both complimentary and opposing characteristics.
  • An Aries and Gemini joined together makes a bold and passionate relationship.
  • Gemini: You are a charmer, But sometimes you may use this charm to convince others of facts that may not be true.
  • Passionate pillow talk, sex discussions and erotic movies appeal to the Gemini while bedroom silence turns them off.
  • Gemini Lucky Numbers: 3, 12, 21, 30, 48, 47
  • Geminis are well-suited to be explorers, writers, merchants, translators, publicists or talk show hosts.
  • The driving force behind a Gemini’s conversation is their mind.
  • Gemini Stone: Agate.
  • The Gemini Intellect is the key to their being, and provides the foundation for their skills in the art of communicating.
  • The duality of the Gemini personality can make it difficult to know just whom you are dealing with.
  • Gemini are forever exploring people and places in their quest to attain knowledge.
  • Most Gemini women love the telephone.
  • Gemini females are not exactly unfaithful, but they are naturally flirtatious.
  • If you’re looking for a sensual experience, you may become frustrated with Gemini men’s tendency to talk more than act.
  • Gemini women are enchanted by the gift of gab and will fall easily for charming words and gestures.
  • For sure, a witty and sophisticated courtship works best for a Gemini women.
  • No matter, a Gemini female is among the most desirable of the Zodiac.
  • Gemini often have a good sense of humor and are rather charming.
  • Do not Be too predictable, Be boring or excessively shy,Show no interest to what theysay if you want a Gemini Person to like u
  • Many Geminis are socialites and very good communicators.
  • Geminis make good learners and debaters.
  • A Gemini never want to complicate their life by going into details, be it in relationship, study or work.
  • To many Gemini life is just like a game, and they do not want to make it too complicated
  • Gemini individuals are famous for their playfulness, intellect and flexibility.


Well.. mostly they are right… what d’u think ???

.: 8renna :.

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  1. kenyakilpatrick's blog

    that so me good knowledge about a gemini !! thinks for your imput!!

  2. Cool we geminians r really r evil

  3. ROFL! most of them are correct,but not all of it. :P

  4. Show no interest to what they… I doubt as a gemini anyone would like this, I think I would instead talk about various things and the other person better be listening, as a gemini I kinda like to show of my knowledge and want attention. I think gemini hate “easy” targets, we like the flirt game and love partners (could be friends or collegues whoever) who are hard to impress, give us some challenge. That was a good read.

  5. it’s true..



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